AdvanBiz operates in the market through two business units.

Our Applications Unit is specialized in disruptive technologies, operating in the national and Latin American market with strategic partners and meeting the most demanding technical and business requirements.

We focus on operational improvement and cost reduction, taking our customers one step ahead in their markets, improving the quality of their products and services, promoting innovative experience to their customers and increasing their profitability.

In the AI (Artificial Intelligence) ​​area we focus on edge solutions for image processing focusing face and object recognition. We deploy projects in the areas of fraud detections, access control, “proof of life”, security, etc.

In IIoT our expertise is shop floor (MES, Manufacturing Execution System), where we cover technical and operational demands, in fields such as: ​​monitoring and control of production processes, material monitoring, real-time information, application management and control.

We assist our customers with Analytics  implementing and operating over-the-top solutions to analyse corporate data, whether strategic, tactical or operational, enabling predicting actions and improving business performance, minimizing risk and collateral decisions, inventory reduction and process optimization in general.

Solutions in the areas:

Services of:

  • Projects and Implementation
  • Training
  • Technical and operational support

The LGPD Unit, on the other hand, attends the market with advisory solutions that cover the entire chain involved in the companies, including procedural, legal and information systems analysis, taking cutting-edge technologies to ensure the adherence of your company to the LGPD (General Law on Data Protection, in the abbreviation in Portuguese).

Services of:

Solutions in the areas of:

  • Data Mapping
  • Data Treatment
  • DPO Management Tools

Our team is composed of specialized professionals with extensive experience in the market including technology, processes and the legal area.

From the technological point of view, our experience in projects includes from conception, planning, implementation to post-production support.

With extensive knowledge and relationships in various industries AdvanBiz is your strategic partner in the development of new markets. Contact us!